Lonnie Legend: Afternoons 3-7pm

Hometown: Bird Town baby! (Federalsburg)

Food: cereal

Wasn't in radio: working at DTLR for the discount

I'm currently: living a dream that's only getting better

Zodiac: Capricorn I think that's the goat

Favorite thing away from work: partying

Vacation: I wanna go to the moon, but since I can't new York city

Tv: Everything on ESPN, I watch a lot of tv period

Celebrity: Obama, spike lee, jay z and Kanye west

Best thing bout being on air: being able to say things people scared to say

Before I die: live

Favorite hip hop artist: B.I.G., Jay, Kanye, and Tyler the Creator

When I'm hanging out: its probably wit my boys

I wanna tell the world: my story! I lived a life you can write a book on!

Lonnie's email...... youngls07@yahoo.com