Deelite: 10am-3pm Weekdays

My last non-radio job was...workin at a skating rink

5 Cds you'd be surprised to find in my CD changer ...Bob Marley, Kelly Bell Band, SugarHill Gang, Jimmy Buffett, Janis Joplin

The one gadget I can't live without...ha That's a little too private! :)

Celebrity I'd most like to meet...Snoop Dogg so i can learn how to bake good brownies

Best thing about working being on the air...Meeting people who are excited about the music like i am

Before I die, I want to....Fly an airplane

When I'm not on the air, trying to be in the air skydiving. I love the air!

Favorite Hip-Hop artist(s) of all time...Lil Kim

Favorite OC104 artists...Missy, Janet, Snoop , Biggie, the list just goes on and on

When I'm hangin' out, it's usually at...da crib

I want to tell the world... Don't smoke the mistletoe! That stuff is harsh!

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